Relationship and marriage advice: Top killers in a relationship that can cause divorce or break up

 Relationship and marriage advice: Top killers in a relationship that can cause divorce or break up


There are some relationship killers that can lead to divorce or separation, regardless of whether you’re in a marriage or a relationship. These can prevent a marriage or relationship from falling apart.

Controlling behaviorSome partners behave in a way that makes it clear that they are in an exclusive relationship with the other person or have been married. This means that they should be able to control the other and have complete control Couples therapy sunshine coast over their lives. Controlling behavior can be a sign that you are insecure and causes the other to resist the other and create a lack of trust.

Dishonesty & TrustworthinessTrustworthiness and honesty are key to a strong marriage or relationship. If you can’t be truthful and don’t live up to your promises, why would you want to get into a relationship? It becomes a vicious circle when trust is broken. The other person starts to distrust the dishonest partner and then they become suspicious and start to control the other. This leads to a worse relationship problem. Trustworthiness will allow each partner to enjoy some freedom and keep the relationship exciting and happy.

Insecurity and needinessWhile we can emotionally depend on our partner to feel loved, important and needed, it is not right to place this responsibility on them for their confidence. You should work hard to improve your confidence and self-esteem by being independent and taking care of yourself.

Comfort zone dangerThere are two main dangers to this comfort zone trap: taking oneself for granted and taking the other for granted. – In a marriage, some partners fall into the comfort trap. One partner may become lax about their relationship because they are already married. The partner then neglects self and the partner.

Violent habits and addictionsPeople can feel empty or inadequate and seek out gratification in other ways to satisfy their needs. This will provide a temporary or immediate gratification, and relieve the loneliness, isolation, and feeling lonely. These include overeating, gambling and constant overspending (money problems can be a trigger factor), too much concern about career and computer addiction. Unfortunately, this can lead to a partner becoming isolated and unable to enjoy the temporary happiness and instant gratification they seek.


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