Halo Reach ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough, How to Complete ONI: Sword Base Alone on Legendary



Section 1: The Best Defense…

This mission includes a blend of both indoor and outside battling, remembering numerous vehicular choices for the open air segment. This is additionally the main mission in which you battle Hunters, the most strong infantry of the agreement armed force. Nonetheless, you are furnished with numerous rocket launchers all through the mission, making the Hunters somewhat obvious objectives to kill.


You start this mission with a 50 ammunition DMR and a 375 ammunition attack rifle, in a space utilized as the “Yard” firefight map. Your underlying goal is to shield Sword Base from a huge gathering of contract infantry in the patio. Straightforwardly before you 350 Legend ammo for sale  the extension are four Grunts. When your reticule shows up on the screen, kill them with headshots, run to the scaffold, and trade your attack rifle for one of their plasma guns. Take a right hand turn into the corridor that paves the way to the subsequent story. In the patio, there are three Grunts, eight Jackals, an Elite minor, and an Elite major. At close to this time, a ghost will drop an Elite minor and an Elite ultra with a blackout rifle too. The Elite major is typically on the second story stage in front of you when you enter the corridor, so be ready to kill him with a cheated plasma gun and DMR headshot as you stroll up the slope before you.


In the wake of killing the Elite major assuming that he was available, return to the passage to take security from ghost. When the airspace is clear, climb to the second story indeed and hide behind the enormous UNSC Barricade. From here, take out however many Grunts and Jackals as would be prudent with your DMR. Periodically watch the slope straightforwardly before you since Elites will frequently utilize this course to charge you. In the event that they do, shock and kill them with your plasma gun and DMR as they start strolling up the slope. Assuming you wind up wrecked by adversaries, you can likewise hide in the passage. This gives more strong cover than the enormous UNSC blockade yet doesn’t give as great of a killing position.


After you kill all apparent adversaries from your situation, cross the scaffold and stroll to the left divider. Close to the cadaver of a marine, you will find a DMR and a wellbeing pack, the two of which you ought to use to restock. Push ahead along the second story way forward, and you will find a sharpshooter rifle along the right railing. I wouldn’t propose taking this weapon since it doesn’t bestow sufficient harm to kill most Elites with one headshot. At the finish of this way, there is a slope heading into the patio, and from the lower part of this incline you can without much of a stretch polish off the other foes.

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