Stormer HVM Short – Reach Air Safeguard Rocket Framework


The Stormer HVM (High Speed Rocket) is a short-range air insurance system. It was developed primarily to counter the risk of attack helicopters and low-flying plane introduced to intensely clad turns of events. This air security structure is in assist with the English Armed force. The first of 151 structures entered organization in 1997. The fundamental product executive is Oman.


This air watch system is outfitted with Starstreak HVM rockets. Launchers are arranged towards the back alongside their objective sensors. The Starstreak rockets have a two-stage solid power rocket motor and travel at different times the speed of sound (Mach 3.5). Each rocket contains three high-thickness darts with impact breakers and unsafe warheads, to make different hits on the goal. The darts are conveyed as the second period of the motor breaks down. Rockets have an extent of 1 500 – 5 500 meters and can counter even predominant execution low-flying plane. Organization rooftop for these rockets is 1 000 m. The Starstreak HVM 45-70 ammo  a self-loader view laser bar riding course. Rockets are coordinated on the objective by the head, who tracks the goal using the optically settled sight.


It is very significant, that the Starstreak rockets are moreover feasible against ground targets. It is evaluated, that darts have satisfactory engine energy to enter the front security of an IFV.


Eight arranged to fire rockets are taken care of in the launchers and up to 12 reload rockets are conveyed inside the body. It merits zeroing in on that the Starstreak rockets are moreover shipped off structure a three-round lightweight launcher and a man helpful shoulder launcher.


Vehicle has a roof mounted widely inclusive weapon sight and an air defend forewarning device for target affirmation and prioritization. The Stormer air security structure is good for speedy responsibility and has a high hit probability.


Vehicle has a group of three, including pioneer, director and driver.


This air insurance system relies upon a changed Alvis Stormer protectively covered work force carrier case. Vehicle is constrained by a Perkins turbocharged diesel engine, making 250 hp. It has all the earmarks of being that this rocket carrier is land as well as water fit with some preparation.


Sources from the UK MoD case, that starting around 2009 Stormers are consistently decommissioned, essentially because the risk of an airborne attack on Western powers has completely disappeared.

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