A Tale Of Two Lagos Residents

 A Tale Of Two Lagos Residents


For close observers of Lagos, Lagos has grown beyond what it used be in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s, 90’s or even from the year 2000; not only in terms of population but in land mass as well. Any wonder, the United Nations observed that by the  New Port Residences Showflat year 2015, Lagos would be the world’s third largest mega-city – a city as fast-paced as New York, Tokyo, Mumbai, Berlin, Dubai and such large cities that don’t sleep because night and day simply roll into each other like the eclipse of the sun or moon.

One need not look far to understand why Lagos is on such a fast lane. First, it was Nigeria’s capital territory until 1991 when former military head of state, Ibrahim Babangida moved the seat of power to Abuja. Lagos, even with the transfer of Nigeria’s administrative seat never lost its status as Nigeria’s commercial capital hence major corporate entities in Nigeria still have a presence in Lagos given its closeness to the ports amongst other reasons. The result is that every day, persons from all parts of Nigeria flock to Lagos in search of better economic fortunes. Of these persons, many are first timers who have come to stay for good.

With such deluge, one can only imagine the pressure on available resources, on infrastructure, housing, hospitals, roads, transportation, and schools as well as upon those who manage and govern Lagos. Imagine the huge number of persons in search of any type of accommodation at any one time, on the job market, trying to get from one end of Lagos to another, seeking medical attention or even trying to get their children into schools. The pressures are real.

Lagos no longer consists of only those areas people used to know as Lagos. The reason is simple. With more and more people flocking into Lagos in such huge torrents, Lagos began to lose its capacity to withstand the population explosion. People began to flock to areas, which before now where non-existent in their mental maps. They became explorers and discoverers of new territories, and by that survivalist instinct, the expansion of Lagos beyond the territories known as Lagos became only a matter of time, which is absolutely normal for a city experiencing such continual explosion of human traffic.



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