Can People With Glaucoma Wear Contact Lenses?

Glaucoma is an eye condition in which one’s optic nerve is harmed and obliterated over the long haul. Most ordinarily, glaucoma can be credited to expanded eye tension because of waste blockage. Different reasons for glaucoma incorporate unfortunate blood supply to the optic nerve strands, powerless nerve structure, or a lack in the nerve filaments.

Assuming you have been determined to have glaucoma, you are probably going to as of now be encountering vision issues. You might have previously been endorsed remedial focal points. On the off chance that you are new to wearing glasses, or regardless of whether you’ve worn glasses for a lifetime, you might contemplate whether you’re qualified to wear contact focal points.

The Uplifting news

Throughout recent years, Infrared Optics contact focal points have seen colossal enhancements. Along these lines, nearly anybody can utilize contacts to address their vision – including many individuals who experience the ill effects of glaucoma. The present contact focal points come in both hard focal point and delicate focal point structures.

– Hard (Inflexible) Focal points

Present day unbending focal points permit oxygen to go through them to arrive at the eye. This more up to date form of the hard focal point is for the most part endured well, even by certain individuals with glaucoma. New improvements in unbending focal points incorporate a bifocal component, which gives rectification to both myopia and farsightedness. Assuming you figure unbending focal points may be a reasonable choice for you, you genuinely should talk with a contact focal point trained professional. At the point when you see the contact focal point expert to decide whether inflexible focal points are appropriate for you, try to make reference to that you have been determined to have glaucoma.

– Delicate Focal points

Delicate contact focal points have become tremendously well known on account of their agreeable fit. As a rule, delicate solution contact focal points can likewise be worn for expanded timeframes. Delicate contact focal points have additionally been worn by numerous glaucoma patients with almost no outcome at all. Once more, it is vital to take note of that assuming you figure delicate contact focal points might be suitable for you, it is pivotal that you see an ophthalmologist that represents considerable authority in contact focal points and additionally glaucoma first.

The Terrible News

Skin eye medicines are the most widely recognized type of drug utilized in the beginning phases of glaucoma. What’s the significance here? Two words: eye drops. Most specialists will endorse a few sorts of eye drops to treat glaucoma. You will probably be applying eye drops each and every day or as much as a few times each day. Tragically, skirting at least one portions can make further harm the optic nerve. What’s the significance here to possible clients of restorative contact focal points?


Before you begin utilizing remedy contact focal points, make certain to see whether the prescription contained in your eye drops might conceivably communicate with the contact focal points. The most well-known cooperation that can occur is that the additive in some glaucoma eye drops can be assimilated into specific sorts of focal points, prompting narrow mindedness of contact focal points. The most ideal way to avert the gamble of hurtful association is to keep your contact focal point expert informed about your glaucoma finding and treatment.

All in all, remedial contact focal points are an extraordinary choice for individuals who need vision issues, for example, partial blindness, farsightedness or astigmatism revised. Indeed, even individuals who have been determined to have glaucoma might have the option to encounter the opportunity and solace that solution contact focal points offer. The way to wearing contact focal points when you have been determined to have glaucoma is to examine any potential issues or any cooperations your glaucoma treatment might have with the focal points with your contact focal point subject matter expert.

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