Casino Boat Cruise – 3 Shocking Truths About Cruise Casinos – I Knew it!

Casino Boat Cruise – 3 Shocking Truths About Cruise Casinos – I Knew it!


A casino boat cruise is one the few spots you can gamble in a casino outside of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Casinos are also one of main sources of revenue for cruise lines.

Did you ever wonder about the daily operations inside a casino? You’ll be surprised at how they operate.

Magnetic Craps Table

Are casinos cheating by using magnetic craps table? An educate เว็บบาคาร่าดีที่สุด guess would be that some of them are cheating but the simple fact is that casinos don’t have to cheat. A casino that’s not well managed will still make some money.

Getting a casino license is a privilege and it can be called off at any time. Some dealers have been detained by security and have been brought to trial with the casino’s help.

Casino Surveillance

Did you ever notice that a dealer would ask the pit boss to check with guys from the room upstairs whenever you claimed that you bet on something? The casino’s on board are monitored and on some ships there’s actually a dedicated surveillance to check on the casino.

Slot Machines

Do you think that some slot machines are luckier than the others? Some say that the slots are set to be looser before the cruise starts and they go and tighten it as the cruise goes on. An easy way to tell if this happens is to look at the pay table of your favorite slot and if it changes during the course of the cruise then the payout percentage has been changed. But this stuff never really happens.

Do you think cruise lines implemented casinos for you to have fun? Think again. It’s one of their biggest sources of revenue and the reason why you spend thousands of dollars. It’s time to outsmart cruise lines!


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