Communicating Your Love On Valentine’s Day – Indonesian Style!

 Communicating Your Love On Valentine’s Day – Indonesian Style!


Indonesia is a delightful country with amicable, great and inviting individuals. Many individuals from everywhere the world travel to Indonesia to track down solace and harmony among its astounding regular and social marvels. While there, many individuals fancy the open and amicable individuals they meet. Some of the sbobet indonesia time, that “preferring” transforms into something different! At the point when it happens to, you would rather not be speechless. In this way, the following are a couple of passionate expressions you can use for your Indonesian valentine!


Cheerful Valentine’s Day!


Selamat Hari Kasih Sayang!

(Suh-la-maht Hah-ree Kas-ihh Sai-yahng)


I like you!


Saya suka kamu


(Sai-ya soo kah-moo)


I love you!


Saya cinta kamu!


(Sai-ya jaw tah kah-moo)


You are exceptionally delightful!


Kamu cantik sekali!


(Kah-moo chan-teek suh-kah-lee)


Do you have a beau/sweetheart?


Kamu ada pacar?


(Kah-moo ah-da pah-singe)


Where do you reside?


Kamu tinggal di mana?


(Kah-moo chime gahl dee mahn-ah)


Do you have a flat mate?


Kamu ada kawan sekamar?


(Kah-moo ah-da kah-wahn suh-kah-damage)








The rest you’ll need to sort out for yourself! Fortunately Indonesians are an amicable and very eager to assist you learn. Simply realizing a couple of expressions will open up an entirely different world. Indonesian is (shockingly!) incredibly simple to learn for English speakers! While its house is intriguing and lovely, the language is straightforward, expressive and simple when contrasted with Spanish, French, German and other European dialects.


Assuming that you a brief period to get familiar with a touch of the language, individuals will be extremely intrigued. You will surely draw in a great deal of inquisitive new companions. Rarely would they meet explorers that take such an individual interest in their language. Grins and gestures might get you very far, however nothing beats having the option to tell somebody precisely the thing you’re thinking. Language is vital to sentiment, and Indonesian is an extremely heartfelt language. This can come in extremely helpful, obviously. Assuming you meet another companion that you might want to improve, you’ll should have the option to let them know how you truly feel, and skill to ask them out to some place heartfelt.


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