Getting Between Toronto and Montreal Without a Car

Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec are Canada’s best two significant urban communities and are found 543 kilometers or 337 miles from one another. Regularly, when one is going between the two, the least demanding and quickest way is to bounce in an individual vehicle and head down thruway 401 in Ontario and associate with parkway 20 in Quebec and you’re there is under five hours.

Nonetheless, imagine a scenario in which you don’t have an individual vehicle. There are a few choices accessible, through mass travel, that are shockingly not excessively costly. In any case, some are considerably more helpful than others. For the wellbeing of correlation, in the accompanying data we’re involving valuing for full circle travel on an erratic date. Tolls can change without notice.

By means of Rail

Train is ostensibly the most and can require only five hours from Toronto’s Association Station to Montreal’s Focal Station. One way passages range from $45 to $286. The most minimal accessible full circle charge for our example dates is $88.14, including charges. This cost depends on Through Rail’s Economy-Break charge and is non-refundable.

Flight (Toronto Pearson to Montreal Trudeau)

The most reduced admission through Air Canada is $243 full circle, including charges. There are many flights day to day between the two urban communities by means of Air Canada and evaluating is a similar over the course of the day. Flight time from Toronto Pearson Worldwide Air terminal to Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau Global Air terminal is 1:15. The return flight requires eight minutes longer at 1:23.

On the off chance that Westjet is your favored Canadian carrier, there are likewise a few flights a day between the two urban communities. The cost for our example dates was only four bucks more for the full circle than the Air Canada, at $247. Strangely, flight time expressed is more limited at 1:11 to Montreal and 1:18 on the bring leg back.

Flight (Toronto City to Montreal Trudeau)

In the event that getting going from downtown Toronto is more helpful for you, the cost and flight time are somewhat better while leaving from the Billy Cleric Toronto City Air terminal on Toronto Island. Full circle flights through Doorman Carriers are $237.00, including charges, on our example date. Flight time is 1:10 in one or the other bearing. A few Doorman flights every day are accessible.

Greyhound Transport

Passage on the Greyhound transport can be modest yet the drive is extremely lengthy. The least passage for our example dates is $40 return, including charges. This is a web exceptional and is a portion of the cost of the most minimal passage if strolling into the station to purchase your ticket. Nonetheless, drive time is somewhere in the range of seven hours and 45 minutes to nine hours.

All Greyhound transports from the Toronto Mentor Terminal to the Gare D’Autocars de Montreal associate in Ottawa, even on the transports set apart as express. The non-express transport makes up to 21 stops among Toronto and Montreal, including the exchange at Ottawa. Station area is advantageous at the two closures with the Toronto Mentor Terminal situated in the core of downtown Under control and Dundas. The Gare D’Autocars de Montreal is situated close to the Berri-UQAM Metro Station, the primary center point in the city’s tram framework.


Moderately just now gaining ground is Megabus Canada. The most minimal toll on our example date is $35.84 return, including charges. Separated, it’s $19 for the primary leg and only $12 for the second. Passages go even lower and can even, on the intriguing event, be had for just $1.

The cost is definitely not a ton less expensive than Greyhound yet Megabus is an immediate drive from Toronto to Montreal with only one stop in Kingston to change drivers and potential pickups in Cornwall, Ontario and Kirkland, Quebec. Drive time is close to six hours. The transports withdraw Toronto from a similar Toronto Mentor Terminal as Greyhound. Megabus presently utilizes a terminal at 1000 de la Gauchetiere at road level. This is strategically placed simply over the Bonaventure Metro Station.

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