Is America Repeating History?

 Is America Repeating History?


Being a great fan of the study of history I often compare various events from the history history repeats itself is certainly true and readily shown in the .38 special ammo  newspapers and on television on a daily basis. However, sources are critical in this respect and I am a firm believer that when one undertakes to study history they must use as accurate of information as you possibly can.

As an example, I am a pro-gun advocate and many people are under the impression that during the rein of Hitler he was instrumental in disarmed the citizens of Germany. That is simply not true in any manner of thinking. Hitler did not disarm the German populous but the dirty work was a result of the House of Hapsburg long before Hitler came to power. In fact it was to Hitler’s benefit that he initially repelled the gun laws but unfortunately at that time money was in such array that the citizens simply could not afford to purchase weapons of their own.

Hitler did however upon taking power institute the disarming of the various gangs which were terrorizing Poland. Just as the modern gangs from LA and elsewhere were creating havoc for the law abiding citizens so were their earlier counterparts in Poland. Hitler sent squads of militia in to these regions and disarmed them this restoring the peace in the area. The people were quick to appreciate what he had done and cheered him on and this was to his advantage that they respected him for his actions. In a case such as this the people didn’t actually care to have a gun since their system of justice was working without flaws. It is likely that if our own system worked just as well we too would not desire weapons as much as we do.

When one thinks clearly of our current state of affairs the American people have already been disarmed. A majority of my fellow Americans simply have no backbone to oppose the recent status quo. Someday we may perhaps see who is willing to fight tyrants and who will merely give up and become slaves for the state. We may have possession of our guns however the ammo for use in these guns is another story. The ammo is rather expensive and it continues to increase in cost while becoming difficult to obtain. Every area within our nation has some sort of gun laws in effect. Check your local directives and you will likely find that there are laws on the book which prohibits the discharge of your firearms even under the guise of self-defense.

In our modern society the right to own a firearm is not actually a right but has become a series of easily revocable permissions granted to us by the various levels of governments. Most states as well as the federal government have registration forms which are required of anyone who owns a gun or a weapon. These registered guns can be confiscated with very little evidence that you have done anything illegal. After your weapons have been taken from you it will be difficult at best to get them returned even if you have done nothing wrong. If your weapons happen to be auctioned off you as a previous owner are forbidden from bidding on them yourself.

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