Nerf Gun Accessories Review – Flip Clip and Bandolier Kit

  Nerf Gun Accessories Review – Flip Clip and Bandolier Kit


The Bandolier and Flip Clip are 2 new frill delivered by Hasbro as of late. The two packs increment how much ammunition you can convey in their own remarkable manner.


Nerf N-Strike Flip Clip – This helpful minimal frill goes about as a connector for your clasps. To utilize one of these you just supplement an ammunition cut into each side of the connector. It is a basic method for associating 2 clasps 450 bushmaster ammo together to frame a monstrous super-cut. The name is suitable, taking into account that when one clasp runs out you just “Flip” the whole clasp over to embed the full one. Joining 2 clasps along with this frill implies you will convey 12 rounds rather than 6.


Nerf N-Strike Bandolier Kit – Part sling part ammunition belt, this helpful frill is a sublime strategic resource for your stockpile. With 6 spaces for your ammunition clasps, and 12 openings for your darts, you will struggle running out of ammunition. The two units retail for under $15, which means you can have the two of them for under $30 – a little cost to pay for never drying up in that next large Nerf fight.


The cool thing about these two new frill, is when joined, they give an unstable measure of ammunition. The Bandolier belt has 6 openings on it for cuts, which would give you 36 darts, however rather than placing standard clasps into every last one of those spaces – why not put Flip Clips? Having 6 Flip Clips in each space would give you 2x how much ammunition – a fabulous all out of 72 (84 in the event that you count the 12 extra openings for darts).

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