Proper Ammunition Storage

Proper Ammunition Storage


The argument of the best ammunition storage method has been going on for as many years as there are people who own firearms. While 100 percent approval for the best answer may be unobtainable, it is quite possible that  Amo Residence Condo ou can find a large number of people who will at least agree that the biggest threat to the shelf life of any type of round of ammunition is moisture — pure and simple.

Ammunition storage that does not protect against this simple fact is useless. Here are two reasons why this is the case:

The money used to invest in the ammo is wasted when it cannot be used.

There is an increased risk to the user if the ammo has been compromised, but is still used in the firearm. The reason for this is two-fold:

When rust deposits form on the outer shell of the ammunition, there could be the possibility of it going underneath the surface of the casing itself and that means moisture may have already gotten into the interior of the shell rendering the powder useless. When the powder is useless, the round will not fire, which may not seem to be a problem. But when considering the possibility of law enforcement using such ammunition, seconds count when they are defending someone or themselves in the line of duty. Firing a bad round can either mean the bad guy gets away or someone gets hurt.

When anything like rust is introduced to the inner workings of the firearm, additional damage may be the effect, which translates into inaccurate firing and money spent on repairs.

So with moisture being the number one reason why ammunition storage is so important, you are not likely to receive argument over storing ammo inside an open bucket. There’s just too much risk involved with that method. But taking extreme measures may also not be wise. If you were to take an object like a bucket, seal it, and replace the air inside by pumping an inert gas into it (like nitrogen), you’re not likely to receive a large return on your efforts and investment. The fact of the matter is, unless you plan on living for hundreds of years, the benefits of going to such trouble will be lost.


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