Quick Guide to IBM 000-105 Exam – Tips and Latest Certification Trends  

Quick Guide to IBM 000-105 Exam – Tips and Latest Certification Trends



Power Systems with POWER7 and AIX Sales – v1 is one of the most widespread IBM technologies. This pervasive quality has forced the businesses to migrate and professionals to pursue Power Systems with POWER7 and AIX Sales (000-105) technologies. Associated with IBM Certified Sales Specialist and Sales Expert certifications, IBM 000-105 has a broad scale implication. Resultantly, professionals are upgrading their skill sets and organizations are migrating to the newest, efficient 000-105 Power 078-000-085 Systems infrastructure faster than ever. IBM Certified Sales Specialists and Sales Experts have great job openings across the globe and IBM 000-105 examination accomplishment may launch you in those internationally-profiled environments to start receiving higher compensation and incentives.

As far as 000-105 background and requirements are concerned, IBM 000-105 exam (Power Systems with POWER7 and AIX Sales – v1) is categorized within IBM Certified Sales Specialist and IBM Certified Sales Expert certifications. During the IBM 000-105 examination, you will have to answer twenty nine (29) questions in a time period of sixty (60) minutes wherefore to obtain 58 percent as the least passing score. IBM 000-105 exam is only available in English language. It is also recommended that you visit the relative 000-105 info page from time to time and update yourself as the changes occur.

What domains does IBM 000-105 cover? As outlined by ibm.com, you should expect IBM 000-105 exam to present the following contents in accordance with the relative weight/percentage:

Pre-requisite Knowledge (47%)

Describe the Differences between Various AIX Editions

Describe Memory Visualization Options

Identify the Capabilities of Workload Partitions (WPARS)

Explain the Up time Advantages of AIX (e.g. Memory Protection Keys, Dynamic Kernel Updates)

Describe Linux Solutions for Power

Describe the Synergies of AIX and DB2

Describe the Competitive Issues Specific to Appliances (e.g. Exadata)

Describe Software Maintenance Offerings (e.g. SWMA, Linux Support)

Opportunity Development (10%)

Identify Application Requirements, Issues, and Pain Points that Are Relevant to the Choice of Operating System

Determine the Appropriate Operating System to Meet Customer Requirement

Sales Strategy (13%)

Determine the Ways to Overcome Objections to AIX/Linux

Identify Techniques to Deal with Application Portability

Select Architectural Options to Provide Competitive Advantage (3-tier in a box, 2-tier)

Solution Design (13%)

Determine Which Visualization Option Meets Customer Requirements

Determine the Resiliency Solution that Meets Customer Requirements

Proposal (13%)

Position Visualization Options vs. Competition

Utilize Benchmarks to Position Performance Advantages

To bring your IMB 000-105 exam knowledge and skills to a desirable point, you would need to take 000-105 training. Substantial sums of time and money go into 000-105 course training. As is the case with many of us, limited budget and free hours won’t let us join IBM 000-105 exam classroom training. So, most of the 000-105 candidates are opting for 000-105 study guides and other 000-105 self learning resources. And IBM 000-105 e-learning products such as practice test, questions and answers, 000-105 study guides, etc. have proven themselves not being that bad of a deal.



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