The best education opportunities in the UK

For foreign students, the UK remains the best choice for quality education in the whole spectrum of sciences, including business and economics.

Most students who study in England choose undergraduate and graduate programs in business, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, although there are other specialties on this list. This is not surprising, since London is the dominant financial center of Europe, as Joe Daughterty of Portsmouth University says.

Indeed, in Portsmouth Business School, about 40% are students from other countries, and these are almost 5,000 students receiving education abroad, and their number has increased by 29.9% since 2010, adds Docherty. Universities of the United Kingdom have a rich history of development in the fields of economics and business. Ian Jones of the University of Chichester notes the fact that the British programs in economics are much shorter than in other countries, but more informative due to increased academic rigor. Jones also notes that at the University of Chichester, specialties such as Business Administration, International Economics, Marketing, Audit and Finance and IT Management for Business are in the first place among students who graduate in England. A distinctive feature of the university is that the teaching staff is highly appreciated by students, which is proof that the relatively small proportion of students to the number of teachers, as well as the high professionalism of the latter, prepare students for the world of business most effectively. Tom Whittaker of Bolton University says that economics is the number one choice for foreign students who wish to pursue higher education abroad, since it is these programs in small universities and business schools that remain the most flexible and allow students to try themselves in different areas of the economy and choose which opens up the greatest opportunities.

The demand for such specialties remains stable from year to year, unlike other programs.

We see a similar situation at the University of West London (UWL). According to Peter Carroll, Business Administration, Finance and Audit, Service Management, Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Air Transport Management are the five most popular destinations among foreign students who teach abroad. Regent’s College in London, meanwhile, is one of a group of private educational institutions that provides an opportunity for higher education abroad in the areas of Global Business Management, and International Economics, as well as Psychology and Theater Arts, notes Philip Hane. Course programs are designed in accordance with the trends of labor markets, so students can be confident in their own demand after graduation. In addition to the growth of the economic sphere, experts note a number of equally interesting trends. According to Thomas White of the University of Birmingham, science related to sports is becoming increasingly popular among students who receive education abroad. Johns of the University of Chichester explains this tendency by the fact that in countries that are rapidly developing, like India, for example, sport is increasingly seen as an income-generating industry. And the London Olympics played an important role in the evolution of perception. The success of the British national team was a product not only of the hard work of the athletes, but also the professionalism of the team of coaches and specialists.

Students from developing countries see the benefits of education abroad, especially in the creative fields, says Adechandra Vincencho of the University of England Ruskin. In these areas, the greatest investment flows are, therefore, students who receive education abroad have more job opportunities both abroad and at home. This was the reason that in the last few years more and more foreign students want to study Music Therapy, Interior Design, Journalism.

This diversity is the strength of Britain, suggests White. Higher education markets for foreigners remain competitive; moreover, foreign students, more than ever, strive to get education in various fields.