The Formats and Patterns of Writing an Article.

What Is an Article?

Normally compared to a report, an article is a document that is meant to interact with the readers. Its main purpose is to address a group of people. It contains the writer’s opinions about certain topics and events. Articles can be published in journals or magazines or newspapers. Therefore, they need to be convincing and capturing. Like any other piece of writing, articles have a format of writing.

Articles could be formal or informal, depending on the targeted audience. Below is a guideline on the general format used to write an article.

  • Topic

Like any other document, articles have the topic of discussion. The topic is what wins the reader’s interest.

  1. Introduction

The Introduction explains a little bit about the topic being discussed. It is mainly advised to have a shorter introduction to not be tedious for the reader.

  1. Body

The body explains the topic on a deeper level. It should contain support events and examples for the writer’s thoughts. A lengthy body may discourage the reader from going through the article. Therefore, the body should only contain 2-5 paragraphs. The language used in the body should vary with the formality of the article. But an article should contain a simple language.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion is a summary of all the writer’s opinions and ideas in most of the essays. But for an article, the conclusion should be a call to action. It should leave the reader with the need to follow up on the thesis statement.

The pattern of an article should be the development process. This is where the writer prepares to write the article with supportive information and vocabulary. The most general patterns used in an article are;

  1. Definition

This is where the writer explains the meaning of a certain detail. For example, this article started by explaining the meaning of an article compared to other writing documents.

  1. Effects

The writer is supposed to explain the causes of certain happenings. What is the effect of a certain event occurring? An example of this article could be, what are the causes of not using the right format in article writing?

  1. Examples

While giving your opinions about a certain topic, it is important to provide definitive statements to support your opinion. Examples also help the writer in bringing a certain point to the table.

  1. Persuasion

The general purpose of an article is to win the interest of the reader. Therefore, language and information should persuade the reader. It should be like trying to explain why you have a certain opinion towards the topic.

  1. A step by step process

An article should be written so that the last point written has a little connection to the next point. It should be a logical flow of events to make it easier to understand. The narration of events should be well arranged.

In conclusion, it is not hard to write an article. All that matters is the presentation of your thoughts. You are sure to have a well-written article with the guidelines above.

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