The Mystical Laws Of Reciprocation

 The Mystical Laws Of Reciprocation


Regardless of industry, if you are in a sales position, your job description is to sell. Obviously the day to day duties may differ from one to the next. Whether you are an outside sales rep in the 410 bore ammo for sale  construction business or an automotive sales person in a showroom, at the end of the day it’s your job to maintain and attract new business.

Most sales people have a certain degree of training before they are live in the field. One of the most important aspects would be the “sales process” itself. Depending on the industry you are in or the company you work for will determine the specifics of “your” sales process. For the most part, it is universally accepted that there are 5 steps to the sale. They are as follows: Initial meeting or introduction, the interview, presentation, demonstration of product or service, and price presentation or negotiation. Each of the stages should have their own individual training. The more training and experience you have in executing each step to the sale the better your results will be.

Are you able to apply the training and completely understand each of the stages and how to effectively move through them? If any of the steps to sale are missed you have limited the likelihood of closing the deal. Now, you may end up signing a deal at some point, but chances are it won’t happen until you have successfully accomplished each step of the process.

With your experience you are now at the point of moving throughout the entire sales process with no real obstacles. However, some common mistakes made throughout the sale can affect your results without even realizing. The affected results could be for example: volume, gross profit and even customer satisfaction. The following oversight can regularly occur without the knowledge of how to prevent it.

The laws of reciprocation are evident in each and every aspect of our lives without the comprehension of it happening. When someone gives us something, we are more likely to look for something to give back in return. This naturally happens without any conscious effort. This is one of those intrinsic feelings we have all experienced regularly all the way through our lives. Unfortunately for a sales person reciprocation can harm our results. This law can also help us when used tactfully.



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