The Origin and Kinds of Guns

 The Origin and Kinds of Guns



Guns are weapons that forces projectiles like bullets. Projectiles are usually fired within a hollow tube of the gun called the “barrel”. The distance between one side to the .458 socom ammo  other side of the barrel is measured in millimeters or inches. It determines the bullet size of a specific gun.

These devices nowadays are mostly rifled unlike the older versions of muskets. Modern guns have a sequence of grooves in a spiral position on the barrel. There are some exceptions though which includes the smoothbores on AFVs, tanks, shotguns and various types of artillery.

The term “cannon” is somewhat the same as with the term “gun” for they are borrowed from the 15th century French language. In terms of military language or usage, it is often referred as artillery, an ordinance that forces projectiles at a high velocity rate. This type of artillery includes naval guns. Mortars as well as other hand-held firearms are not accepted in the military for they do not need the training and precise gunnery data when engaging the targets. There are also two exceptions to this, namely the shotgun and the machine gun.

A shotgun is a hand-held firearm. Also a smoothbore, it can fire a single load of projectile or shot called slug. On the other hand, a machine gun is an automatic weapon mounted on a wheeled carriage or a tripod. These are usually operated by two persons. It can also be any other tool resembling the same shape with a trigger, like a drill gun.

A Gun-Type Fission Weapon is referred as a component of a nuclear weapon. A fissile material is the projectile of this weapon captured inside a device. The device within the nuclear artillery must never be confused by the literal gun fired by the police or a cop.

Kinds of Guns

First is the military firearm. This includes long guns such as the Arquebus, two Musket types called the Muketoon and Wall Gun, and Blunderbuss. In this category, it also includes personal defense weapons such as rifles that include the bolt-action rifle, lever action rifle, battle rifle, assault rifle, carbine, sniper rifle, and service rifle. Shotguns are also included especially the semi-automatic shotgun and the combat shotgun. Furthermore, the Tu Huo Quiang and the sub machine gun are included in this category.

And then there are also the civilian and military Handguns. The primary one in this category is the h



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